Last Laugh Comedy Festival 2016


Blimey Charlie. It’s that time of year again.


Octobers come thick and fast. There must have been two this year.

It feels like just two minutes since the end of the last Comedy Festival. Since we all sat around in a darkened room with cups of tea and cold compresses saying that we couldn’t do it again. That it was too much work, that there weren’t enough of us, that we couldn’t afford the time, the money, or the exhaustion. We knew how the conversation goes, because we have it every year. There was no way, no way , that we were ever going to do it again.

So here we are. Doing it again.

Ah, what the heck, why not, it’s what we do, we’ll have a laugh, we’ll not do as many gigs, it’ll be fine, we’ll split the work up, we’ll take someone on, maybe we’ll get a sponsor, Ross is up for it, what else will we do, it’ll warm us up for Christmas, Toby can do the big room, what did you say, go on, lets crack on, I’ll not see the family, they prefer it that way, we said we wouldn’t, we always say we wouldn’t , sod it, let’s do it.

We’ve made Sheffield laugh for years. We’re not stopping now.

Welcome to our world. Welcome to The Last Laugh Comedy Festival 2016.


Thanks to the very talented Andy Hollingworth who should be credited for amazing photos including Alan Carr, Bill Bailey, Daliso Chaponda, Gary Delaney, Josh Widdicombe, Justin Moorhouse, Lou Conran, Martin Mor, Rob Beckett, Rob Rouse, Steve Gribbin, Tom Wrigglesworth & JoJo Smith. Check him out at


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